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Pregnancy is a wild ride. You’re literally growing a human being inside you and if you’re a first time mom, you’ve never done this before so it can be a little nerve wracking not knowing what to expect. One of the best things you can do is take a childbirth education course to give you […]

Birth Photography, Doula Support, Homebirth, Labor & Delivery, Maternity, Midwife, Pregnancy, Third Trimester

January 20, 2023

Labor & Delivery: Stages of Labor

Third trimester belly Portland Birth Photographer
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Whether you’re planning to deliver your baby at home, at a birth center or at the hospital, there are great options for you in Astoria. Home Birth Wondering whether or not a home birth is right for you? Check out the post and get in touch with the midwives listed at the bottom of […]

Birth Photography, Doula Support, Newborn, Pregnancy, Third Trimester

October 29, 2022

Building Your Birth Team in Astoria Oregon

Homebirth Vancouver Birth Photography

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