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"Do I have control over what kinds of photos you take or share?" 

"How will you know when to come to the birth?" 

"What if during labor i just need space?" 

"what is the process of hiring a birth photographer?"

A huge, resounding YES. The questionnaire contains this kind of information so we'll be on the same page. My first priority is your comfort!  

Every labor is different and every body is different but the general rule I try to follow is to head your way when your contractions are strong enough that you're unable to talk through them and those strong, consistent contractions are getting closer together. Typically, a support person will stay in contact with me to give me an idea of how labor is progressing.

Of course, labor and delivery is deeply personal and I'll wait for the "ok" from you and your support person, birth team, etc before entering your birth space.

Part of being a birth worker is intuitively knowing when a birthing person and/or family just needs to be alone for awhile. I come in and out of the birth space quietly, respectfully and often take breaks in moments of rest.  Labor is a process and my ultimate goal is to tell your story in the most nonintrusive and natural way, which means listening to the birthing person and knowing what they need in that moment. 

After your inquiry via text, call or email I'll send you a questionnaire that helps me get to know you better! After you fill out the questionnaire and feel ready to move forward with booking, I'll send a contract for you to look over. After these are received with a retainer, your due date is officially on the schedule and I'll be on call from 37 weeks!

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